Monday, November 15, 2010

Homework week 6

Hi guys,
This week what I would like you to do by Friday is to let me know what you thought about athletics day! What did you enjoy the most? What was the most challenging? How do you think Tainui went?
I would also like you to create a Limerick (Remember Poetry last term....) This must be a NEW limerick that YOU have created - not one from your book.
Good luck guys, I look forward to reading great things!


  1. i think tainui rocked at athletics! the team chant was amazing along with give me one, it was the best team chant by far.the most challenging for me was the cricket ball throw as i hurt my arm throwing it the wrong way! i think that tainui should win as we put in the most effort.also everyone thought my little cosuin was totally cute!! heres my limerick

    tainui is the best team
    we yell and shout and scream
    our colour is yellow
    hear us bellow
    tainui got the cream

    as in the cat got the cream lol

  2. i think that atheletics was a great success and it wasn't to hot. i think that tainui have got a chance because we went very well i thik high jump was the most challenging because im not very good at it. i enjoyed shot put the most because i nearly made the quallifing mark.

    there once was a man named mike

    who always carried a spike

    when he went to town

    he always comes home with a crown

    and he has a twin brother called pike

  3. Athletics day...
    I thought that athletics day was challenging but worth a go, it was a good day and a lot of people enjoyed it, It was fun and made everyone feel competitive. I enjoyed high jump the most even though I’m not too good at it. The most challenging to me was Shotput. I think Tainui did real well and deserves a good placing.
    There once was a lady from Norway,
    Who always sat in a doorway,
    She became flat,
    Like a mat,
    The silly lady from Norway.

  4. I thought that athletics day was awesome!!! We had a whole day of sport. Also it was wicked because there was alot of competition and loads of different sport choices. My favourite sport was discus, beacause I'm good at throwing big things long distances. But I wasnt very good on the day the most challenging one was the long jump. Because im not very good at jumping far distances. I think that I could have done much better on the day. But it was very HOT!!! and I got really hot really quick! and it was really tiring on the day. I think that Tainui did really good especially Dean he was a tank!!!! I think if we lost then it dosen't really matter as long as we did our best thats all that really matters but secretly... I HOPE!!! that we WIN!!! that would be awesome.

  5. Athletics day was really fun! My favorite part was the long jump because I jumped past the qualifying mark for inter-intermediate.The most challenging would have to be the High jump because it was so high and I am not the best high jumper!I think tainui went very well and everybody tried there hardest which is all that matters!

    Kaileys limerick

    There was a team called tainui
    Who had some news for a panui
    There keyboards were tapping
    they had to stop yapping
    and posted there news off to a school in ranui

  6. Athletics day was great.
    Me and the Tainui girls were pumped as we went around the activites,chanting and supporting everyone in our team.

    My favourite part of the day was long jump and the activity i found most challnging would be high jump.

    It was a awesome day and i really enjoyed it.I think tainui is going to be taking out the McLeod cup.

  7. There once was a team called tainui,
    who thought they could sing like a Tui,
    And on AThletics day,
    They sang hi-ray,
    to their rivals Aotea and Aranui.

    I thought Tainui went well on athletics day because we triec hard, and gave it uor all.So I think we did well.

    I enjoyed the 100m sprints because I like sprints and because I like racing against others.

    The biggest challenge to me would be high jump even though I like it I'm not very good at it.The very highest i've ever jumped is 1 metre.

  8. I thought Athletics day was really challenging, because there were alot of things I hadn't done before. I doing long jump because I reached my goal and qualified. The most challenging part was shotput, because it was heavy and quite hard to get over the line. Tainui was great and I reckon we got the most points for the day.


    There once was a cow named Daisy
    Who drove all her friends crazy
    They told her to stop
    But instead she went POP!
    and now she is oh so lazy

  9. I think athletic`s was fun. The most funniest was high jump beause I keep on failing all my jump`s because I keep on landing on my back.

    There once was a athletic team
    That was faster then a bean
    They smocke the corse
    With a full forse
    And they won the athletic`s day
    by Richard

  10. I thought athletics was well run by the teachers and nicely organised.

    I like the long jump and sprints because they are challenging and my favourite things to do.

    The most challenging was shot put because I am small and that means I can't get it as high and far.

    I think Tainui went alright because we qualified for a lot of things and did good at sprints.

    There once was a girl called Kerri,
    that had a pet cat named Perry,
    he ran away one day,
    then came back to stay,
    then turned into a fairy.

  11. Hello this is my work about athletics day.
    It was a great for everyone to get involved in a fun event.I enjoyed long jump the most because it felt good when i sprung off my feet and landed in the sand.I found high jump the most challenging because im not a very good jumper and i always knocked off the bar.I think Tainui did well because we were winning at the beggining and everyone gave it a go.


    I think i am going to fail,
    Im going to walk away and bail.
    Im not good at this jump,
    I will fall and get a lump
    I will weep and wail.

  12. It is a good challenging for every one.I enjoyed high jump the most .Discus was the most challenging I think so.I think Tainui did excellent.I jump high in the sky it feels like I can fly hitting the mat with a wack the mat goes flat oh my what a jump jye

  13. there was a guy called ling he had a bee sting he wanted to know how so he went to a cow and gave it the wisdom ring.

    By Phoenix


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